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Iraqis need urgent help after escaping death in Ramadi

26 May 2015

Iraqis have described fleeing death in the conflict-hit city of Ramadi.

Thousands of people have arrived in nearby areas in urgent need of help.

Resident Asmaa Naeem said: “Our lives are under threat, and the city centre is now empty of people. Everyone fled towards Al Amiriyah Fallujah and Al Khalidiya hoping to escape death.”

Abu Ahmed was also forced to flee the violence in Ramadi. He said: “The situation in the city is bad, and fighting continues to take place in several neighbourhoods. We witnessed many people losing their lives because of gunfire.”

Survivors need food and water

On Saturday a senior Iraqi Red Crescent leader warned that those forced to run urgently need shelter, food and health care.

Red Crescent teams have brought drinking water and other help to 3,000 people in recent days.

Across Iraq, the Red Crescent is giving out aid – including blankets and food – to people affected by the country's ongoing fighting.

The British Red Cross is helping fund this vital work. Spokeswoman Tania Kisserli said: “Fleeing from your home, not knowing if you’ll ever return, must be terrifying. But that journey has been made by millions of Iraqis in the last year.

“And even when they arrive somewhere safer, people must hunt for the things we all need to survive – food, blankets and medicine.

“If you give to our Iraq appeal today, you can make sure more help gets to people who really need it. There’s no time to lose.”


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The Red Cross is supporting the only hospital near Mosul that can treat the wounded and sick fleeing fighting in the area.

As the battle for Mosul in Iraq intensifies, the Red Cross is providing essential aid to around 10,000 people who have fled to nearby camps.