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New government - now we need new policies

8 May 2015

Now the votes have been counted, the British Red Cross is already reaching out to the new MPs to help people – and save lives – here in the UK.

Before the election, we spoke to party candidates about the policy changes we’d like to see. These were around first aid, health and social care, asylum and international resilience.

Now we are looking to strengthen our relationships with the new people in power – and get them on board with these solutions.

Call for change

As a neutral organisation, we will work with any UK government to speak up for people in crisis.

We want to use our influence, supporters and long history of helping people to really push for change where it is most needed.

Based on all the work we do, we are asking the government to:

Speak out together

Since we help people in so many different ways, there are plenty of issues to discuss. However, thanks to your support, we’ve already made headway.

Before the election, hundreds of you signed our ‘Make your mark’ map or shouted your support on social media. 

Now we have a new set of MPs, it is a key time to chat to them about our main messages – and the issues you think matter most. You can also get in touch with us about your views and hopes for the next five years.

No time to lose

Changing policy really does change lives, so there’s no time to lose.

Mike Adamson, chief executive of the Red Cross, said: “The election period has been a great time for the Red Cross, but now the real work begins - as we focus on ensuring the new government understands how policy choices impact for better or worse on those we help on a daily basis.”

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