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Syria: crucial aid reaches people suffering in Aleppo

11 August 2016

Essential humanitarian aid is reaching the most vulnerable families in Aleppo.

Hundreds of thousands are severely affected by fighting in the Syrian city. People cannot leave easily to get food or medical care.

Before these recent developments, a Red Cross and Red Crescent relief convoy brought humanitarian aid supplies to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) warehouse in Aleppo. SARC is a partner to the British Red Cross and part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The supplies delivered and now being distributed as needed include:

  • 15,000 food parcels
  • 6,000 hygiene kits with essential items such as soap
  • 5,000 emergency kits for women
  • 30,000 blankets.

The International Committee of the Red Cross also has contingency stocks in an Aleppo warehouse for further support.

Support to families forced to flee western Aleppo

Fighting that started earlier in August has had a bad impact on several parts of the city. At least 270 families have fled their homes as a result.

Alexander Pendry,  British Red Cross Syria country officer, said: “The lack of safety, freedom of movement and access to humanitarian supplies, or goods in markets or shops, remains of serious concern.

“In response, SARC has provided local charities and community relief organisations with additional humanitarian aid supplies. These will be distributed when needed.”

British Red Cross helps in the crisis

The British Red Cross began supporting SARC in 2012 before the crisis started. Our project helped SARC’s Aleppo branch improve its ability to respond to disasters and scale up its support during the crisis.

Donations to our Syria Crisis Appeal continue to support people in desperate need in both Syria and its border countries where hundreds of thousands of people have fled.

But many more people remain in Syria, struggling to live amid the conflict. So far this year we have provided 10,000 food parcels to Aleppo, which were distributed to families before the road was cut off this month.

To help keep this vital lifeline going, please support our Syria Crisis Appeal.


The photograph above shows a SARC food parcel warehouse elsewhere in Syria that is similar to the Aleppo warehouse.


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