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Syria: Red Cross aid reaches five besieged areas

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19 February 2016

British Red Cross partner the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) has delivered essential food and medicines to people in five besieged areas.

In co-operation with the UN, a convoy of 115 trucks loaded with medicines, food parcels, flour, dates, biscuits and peanut butter travelled to the hard-to-reach areas this week.

Medical staff accompanied them in two mobile clinics to provide vital health services.

Ted Tuthill from the British Red Cross said: "Humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach those who need it most. The Red Cross continues to work with both sides to negotiate access and ensure aid gets where it needs to go."

This is the third recent delivery of humanitarian aid by SARC to the besieged towns of Madaya, Kefraya and Foua. The delivery also reached the towns of Zabadani, near the Lebanese border, and Moadamiya, near Damascus.

The mobile health units have been helping people in these areas, including Madaya, on an almost daily basis in recent weeks. People with urgent medical problems have been evacuated to hospital.

Dr Abdulrahman Attar, president of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, said: "SARC’s team are prepared to carry out their humanitarian role and to deliver relief aid to affected people all over Syria."

The British Red Cross will continue to support SARC’s efforts through our Syria Crisis Appeal.


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