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MPs brush up on their first aid skills

18 July 2016

The British Red Cross will be in Parliament today to help MPs brush up on their first aid skills.

The session, hosted by Will Quince MP, will demonstrate how simple and easy it is to learn first aid. We hope it will encourage parliamentarians to advocate for more first aid learning within communities.

The group of MPs will be shown first aid for someone who is unresponsive and breathing; someone unresponsive and not breathing; and someone who is bleeding heavily, among other key skills.

First aid saves lives

First aid is a life-saving skill and a humanitarian act.

But too many people are being injured needlessly or even dying where simple first aid could have helped.

This is because the majority of people in the UK lack the confidence or skills to provide basic first aid in emergency situations.

The Red Cross wants everyone to have the skills and confidence to act in an emergency through widespread recognition of first aid as an essential life skill.

First aid should be part of everyone’s basic education and integral to public health strategies, with opportunities to learn throughout life – particularly for those most at risk of experiencing a crisis.

It’s simple really

Last year we launched our Every Child a Lifesaver campaign with St John Ambulance and the British Heart Foundation, to get first aid taught in schools.

Now it’s time to show MPs themselves just how easy it can be.

Joe Mulligan, Red Cross head of first aid education, said:

“Too few of us know how to help someone in need of medical help. But by making first aid learning part of everyday life, like through the school curriculum and the UK driving test, more of us would be equipped with these life-saving skills.

“We’re grateful to Will Quince for hosting the event and hope by showing MPs just how simple first aid can be – and what a difference it can make – they will see how policies integrating first aid learning into communities are just good sense.”



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