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Essential food and medical care to Syrians fleeing besieged areas

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27 June 2016

More than 500 children, many of them malnourished, were among those given essential food and water in Syria this week.

The Red Cross, through our partners the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, helped 1,500 people who fled besieged areas of Al-Raqqa, Palmyra and Dier ez-Zor. Staff and volunteers distributed:

  • 500 food parcels for families
  • 450 tins of food
  • 500 bags of bread
  • 200 gallons of water
  • 500 sets of cooking utensils.

Practical support to people in need

As the families had fled with almost nothing, they were also given 2,430 blankets, nappies for babies and 500 plastic sheets for makeshift shelters. We also distributed 450 hygiene parcels containing soap, toothbrushes and other personal items.  

Mobile medical clinics run by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent treated more than 500 people for serious conditions such as anaemia and acute infections.

And over 55 people were taken to hospital to get treatment for more serious illnesses including cancer and severe dehydration among children.

Convoy reaches conflict area

An aid convoy of 33 trucks also reached Al Dumair, another area affected by the conflict.

Volunteers and staff handed out 1,200 food parcels and 5,000 cans of food as well as medicine for the most vulnerable people.

Aid to people from besieged areas

In 2015, 61 per cent of food funded by the Red Cross was distributed in hard-to-reach or besieged areas.

We will stand by our Red Crescent colleagues to reach as many people as possible under the difficult circumstances in which they work.


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