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Journalist wins prestigious award for outstanding reporting on refugees

17 June 2016

Wall Street Journal journalist Matina Stevis has won a prestigious award for her reporting on the plight Eritrean refugees.

Matina Stevis' African dictatorship fuels migrant crisis: thousands flee isolated Eritrea to escape life of conscription and poverty, won the British Red Cross-sponsored Refugee Reporting Award at the One World Media ceremony last night.

Stevis' reports on the story of young Eritreans who have fled the oppressive nation, risking the deadly migration trail across the Sahara and Mediterranean in search of a better life in Europe.

Last year, one of the largest number of applications for asylum to the UK came from Eritreans.

Stevis told us: "Today there seems to be a comparison of people.

"I wanted to make people think about the nature of safety and freedom. That oppression and being deprived of a meaningful life are valid reasons for being a refugee."

The annual One World Media Awards, which recognise excellence in international media coverage, are now in their 28th year and are one of the leading journalism awards in the UK.

This is the second year that the Refugee Reporting Award has appeared as a category sponsored by the British Red Cross.

The award celebrates reporting that tells powerful human stories of people from around the world who are forced to leave their homes because of violence, conflict and persecution. The category has continued to receive the highest number of awards for the second year running.

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