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Royal visit to Nepal

18 March 2016

The Red Cross will welcome His Royal Highness Prince Harry to a life-saving facility in Nepal on Sunday 20 March.

Prince Harry will visit the Nepal Red Cross Society facility in Bhaktapur district. This area was one of the worst affected by the huge earthquakes that struck last April and May.

The visit is part of the Prince’s five-day tour of Nepal.

Nepal: emergency preparation saved lives

At the time of the earthquakes, emergency facilities such as the one in Bhaktapur played a vital role. Vital provisions such as blankets and emergency shelter supplies were in place, ready to be given to people if an earthquake struck.

The Red Cross used the materials in Bhaktapur to provide assistance to 800 households in the first 24 hours after the earthquake. Overall, the Red Cross distributed relief supplies to help 100,000 families

Since then, over 50,000 families – more than 250,000 people – have received grants through the Red Cross to buy essential supplies. These include blankets, warm clothes and insulation to keep warm over the winter, as well as seeds and tools to plant new food crops.

At the time of the earthquake, the Nepal Red Cross Society worked with the British Red Cross in 66 communities in the Kathmandu valley. Our two organisations still run a project to help communities recover and prepare for future earthquakes.

Helping a devastated community

Jill Clements, British Red Cross country manager in Nepal, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming Prince Harry to the Nepal Red Cross Society’s project site in Bhaktapur.

“It is thanks to this project that the Red Cross was able to help a devastated community at a time of great need.

“It has been almost a year since the earthquakes which took the lives of so many, including some of our own colleagues. We remember them as we continue to work hard within the community to rebuild what was lost.”

Royal support

Prince Harry has supported the British Red Cross during recent emergencies and with long-term projects.

After the Boxing Day tsunami, both he and his brother Prince William helped the Red Cross prepare aid for survivors in our warehouse in Warmley, Gloucestershire.

In 2006, Prince Harry’s own charity took over a Red Cross initiative that supports people living with HIV and AIDS in Lesotho, southern Africa.

Prince Harry’ father, Prince Charles, and grandmother, Her Royal Highness the Queen, are also patrons of the British Red Cross.