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First aiders set for Leicester City's historic victory parade

13 May 2016

British Red Cross staff from throughout England are set for Leicester City’s victory parade on 16 May. They will be on hand to help the crowds after Leicester City were crowned champions of the Premier League. And for many of them it's a dream come true.

Tony Hubbard is a first aider who will be on duty at the parade. Tony lives in Leicester and has been a proud supporter of Leicester City for the last 50 years.

He said: "I feel honoured to be part of the parade. Leicester City's massive achievement has shown that to be successful, you need people who can work well together. It’s not just about having the best individuals.

“Like Leicester City, the Red Cross volunteers will also be working as a team to provide the best possible standard of care to anyone who needs it during the parade.”

Another Leicester City fan, Shannon Gill, who works as an administrative assistant at the Red Cross office in Grantham, will be one of the volunteers covering the event.

Shannon said: “The atmosphere will be amazing. I’ve seen Leicester City play in the Championship and battle through the ‘great escape’ when we avoided relegation from the Premier League last season. Now we’ve won it. 

"It’s been an incredible journey. I cried when they won it and I was so overwhelmed when I got the opportunity to cover the victory parade with the Red Cross. It’s a dream come true.”

Forty Red Cross first aiders will be on duty as the open-top-bus victory parade makes its way through the city of Leicester with the Premier League trophy.

Prepared to help

Two ambulances, paramedics and four first aiders with bikes will be dotted around the route of the parade. They will be equipped with defibrillators and resuscitation kits. There will also be a first aid post in the city centre.

Nausea, dizziness, slips and trips are expected to be the most common conditions which first aiders will have to deal with.

They will be equipped with blankets if it is a cold day and rehydration treatments if it is hot.

Andrea Green from the Red Cross in Leicestershire will also be there on the day.

She said: “We have managed to pull a team together at short notice and I am thrilled that we will be involved in celebrating Leicester City’s historic achievement.

“We hope everyone enjoys this incredible day. But we will be prepared to respond if anyone needs us during the celebrations.”

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