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Syria Crisis: Essential aid reaches Aleppo as fighting intensifies

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29 November 2016

As fierce fighting continues in Aleppo, the British Red Cross and our partners are supporting 1,000 families forced to flee their homes. This includes providing essential food, shelter, water and medical care.

Since August, around 60,000 people have had to leave their homes in Aleppo because of violence. At least 20,000 people have fled eastern parts of the city in the past week alone.

Hugh Fenton, head of the Middle East region at the British Red Cross said: “Families are fleeing for their lives with only what they can carry.

“Many are living temporarily in collective shelters while some are being hosted by other households that are already feeling the strain.”

Volunteers from our partner the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are distributing mattresses, blankets, bread and cooked meals.

“This support will address people’s immediate needs,” Hugh said.

Dirty water can easily spread disease under these conditions. As such, the Red Crescent has also installed 15 water tanks to provide clean drinking water.

Each tank has been filled with water trucked into the city, while bottles of water are also distributed.

In addition, teams are providing medical care and ambulances to transport emergency cases to specialised facilities.

Aid reaches thousands

Aid has also reached four other towns that have had no humanitarian help for two months.

Operated by the Red Crescent and British Red Cross partner the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the aid convoys reached Madaya, Zabadani in rural Damascus, and Foua and Kefraya in rural Idleb.

The convoys carried food, medical supplies and nutritional supplements for children.

These supplies will support 8,000 families in Madaya and Zabadani and another 4,000 families in Foua and Kefraya.

Humanitarian aid will continue

“We will continue to provide support to people caught up in the conflict in Syria, especially with winter closing in,” Hugh said.

“The British Red Cross has shipped winter supplies that will be distributed over the next month and another 80,000 food parcels will be sent to Syria in early 2017.”

Your support to the Syria Crisis Appeal can help keep this vital lifeline going.


Syria Crisis Appeal

A Syrian child from Daraa, who is now living in Amman, Jordan.

Please make a donation to the Syria Crisis Appeal

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