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Major funds join forces to provide financial support to Grenfell Tower victims

23 June 2017

Three of the major funds set up to help the people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire have joined forces to help provide financial support. 

The British Red Cross, K&C Foundation and the London Community Foundation have come together to make money available immediately to those affected. 

Funds will be distributed through the London Emergencies Trust, a charity set up following the Westminster Bridge attack this year to support the victims of emergencies. 

Every family who lost someone in the Grenfell fire is to receive £20,000. Those seriously injured will receive £10,000 and there will be a further £10,000 fresh start grant to every family who has been made homeless.

The funds are available and as soon as details of the victims are received from the authorities they will be released.   

Grenfell Tower fire response 

In the early hours of Wednesday 14 June, a fire broke out in Grenfell Tower in west London. 

Local and national charities have been on the ground, working together to help the emergency relief effort and support the local community. 

Red Cross emergency response volunteers have been providing practical and emotional support since the fire broke out and are now helping to coordinate the Grenfell Community Assistance Centre as well as staffing a 24-hour helpline for people affected.   

Further financial support 

The funds announced today will help to meet the immediate need. More charitable funds will be distributed over the coming weeks and months. 

Over £10 million has been raised for the people affected so far, of which £2.8 million comes from the Red Cross London Fire Relief Fund.

Local and national charities, including the Red Cross, are working together to coordinate financial help for those affected, with the support and advice of the Charity Commission. 

These funds are separate to and independent of funds made available by the Government or local authority but the charities involved will seek to work with the authorities where necessary in the weeks ahead. 

Michael Adamson, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: "When something as appalling as the Grenfell fire happens it is absolutely natural that people want to help. We launched a national appeal to use our experience of fundraising to help people give to a cause that desperately needs their help, and to complement the amazing charitable work happening in the Grenfell community. 

"No amount of money can take away the pain of the past eight days, but for people who have lost everything we hope it will help towards rebuilding their lives. Thank you to everyone who has given, and thank you to our partners for helping find a sensible way to get money to people who need it as soon as possible."  


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