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Grenfell victims to receive further £5.5 million funding

22 September 2017

A further £5.5 million of funds raised from public donations are to be distributed to survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, the British Red Cross and K&C Foundation have announced.

Working through the London Emergencies Trust and the Rugby Portobello Trust as distributors, new grants will be made to the 165 households affected by the fire. Those bereaved and seriously injured are going to receive more funding.

The decisions on the further funding announced this week continues to target those most in need in the community and recognises the continued distress, trauma and material loss faced by householders from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk.

This phase of funding has three parts, specifically:

  • A grant of £15,000 will go to each of the 139 households from the Grenfell Tower and a grant of £8,000 will go to the 26 households in Grenfell Walk (totalling £2.293m). Payments will be made by the Rugby Portobello Trust through BACS as soon as possible.
  • The next of kin of those bereaved will receive a further £20,000 for every deceased victim on top of the £40,000 already provided through the London Emergencies Trust.
  • People who were hospitalised for a week or more by the fire are in line for an extra £5,000, bringing the total in public donations passed to them from the London Fire Relief Fund up to £25,000.

Next phase of funds

Mike Adamson, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: “We have always said that every penny raised by the British Red Cross for the London Fire Relief Fund will go to the surviving victims of the Grenfell disaster and their families.

“Today [21 Sept] we’re announcing how the next phase of funds raised will be distributed by the London Emergencies Trust, to help those most in need.

“To date, money donated to the Red Cross has been entirely focused on the bereaved and seriously injured as a priority.

“Through the London Emergencies Trust, we are now going to top up the funds provided to the bereaved and seriously injured and extend funding to the 165 households in the Tower and the Walk who were affected by the fire.”

In the coming weeks, the British Red Cross and the London Emergencies Trust will review the situation in order to inform decisions about any future distributions.

As of 15 September, donors to the British Red Cross’s London Fire Relief Fund have contributed a total of £6.2m.

This includes £150,000 raised so far from saleable second-hand items that were donated by the public and have been sold through British Red Cross shops (approximately 66 tonnes of items).

Money raised from the sale of these items has been ring-fenced for the London Fire Relief Fund and what has been raised to date is being distributed as part of this week's announcement.

This next phase of funding is on top of the £4.8 million already being distributed to the bereaved and injured by the London Emergencies Trust on behalf of a collaboration of donors, namely the British Red Cross’s London Fire Relief Fund (£2.4m), the K&C Foundation (£1.2m) and the London Community Foundation (£1.2m).

In the initial phase of distribution, £40,000 was given to the next of kin of those deceased (being topped up to £60,000 as of today), the long-term hospitalised received £20,000 and short-term hospitalised, £3,500.

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