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The UK Solidarity Fund - how it works

The British Red Cross set up the UK Solidarity Fund to help people affected by terror attacks anywhere in the UK.

Donations to the fund will support us to give small grants to injured and bereaved people. The grants will help survivors deal with short-term financial difficulties after an attack.

We created the fund in 2017 following attacks in Manchester and London and made it permanent to provide support quickly after future incidents.

The UK Solidarity Fund Committee

Our new UK Solidarity Fund Committee will make sure we use donations effectively in these sensitive situations.

The committee oversees how funding is given out after terror attacks and has an independent chair who can act on behalf of its board. This will help us make sure that funds are distributed fairly as far as possible, in keeping with the Red Cross principles of humanity, unity and impartiality.

Once decisions are made, funds will usually be sent to a suitable independent body that will distribute grants to victims based on agreed standards.