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Online exhibitions

We don't have an exhibition space so we regularly highlight some of our collections online. Come back often to see our new exhibitions.

A father searches for his lost child using the Red Cross international tracing and message services in Rwanda.

History of our refugee services

For over a century, the British Red Cross has been helping protect and support people who have been forced to leave their country fearing persecution.

Model Land Cruiser with red cross emblem made from cooking oil tins

Our first 140 years

From aiding wounded soldiers to therapeutic care – see what the British Red Cross has accomplished throughout the past 140 years.

Poster of prisoner of war

Photo gallery: historical Red Cross posters

See some of the posters from our historical collection, illustrating our work over the last hundred years.

Red Cross nurses train to help injured people

Photo gallery: our work in the First World War

From driving motorised ambulances to tracing missing and wounded soldiers, this photo gallery shows some of the ways our volunteers helped in the First World War.

Red Cross nurses with patients

Photo gallery: our work between the First and Second World War

Our work changed a lot between the First and Second World War. Take a look at some of the new services we introduced, like first aid for motorists.

Red Cross volunteers in gas masks carry a stretcher

Photo gallery: our work in the Second World War

See photos showing how Red Cross volunteers helped soldiers and civilians in the Second World War.

Patchwork quilt made by Red Cross volunteers

Photo gallery: the Changi quilts

See some of the quilt squares sewn by civilians interned at Changi Prison in Singapore during the Second World War.

Meals on wheels volunteers

Photo gallery: post-war health and social care

The National Health Service (NHS) was created in 1948, but we still had a role to play in the nation's health and care. Find out more.

Red Cross nurse

Photo gallery: Red Cross hospitals after the war

When the world wars were over, the government established the NHS. The Red Cross had a major role to play in helping patients while the NHS was finding its feet.

Delivering Red Cross stock

Photo gallery: emergency response in the UK

The British Red Cross has been involved in emergency response for over a century. See photos of some of our major UK responses.

Red Cross volunteer tending to a client

Photo gallery: history of therapeutic care

See photos charting the development of the Red Cross' therapeutic care service, which started as a beauty care service for women in hospitals in the 1950s.

Black and white photo of family carrying home relief parcels

Channel Islands: memories of occupation in the Second World War

When Germany occupied the Channel Islands during the Second World War, islanders were cut off from family and food. Read their recollections of 60 years ago.