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Our first 140 years

The British Red Cross celebrates its 140th anniversary in August – 140 years of providing humanitarian relief and comfort to those in crisis. To celebrate, we've made a photo gallery showcasing some of our favourite historical objects and photos from our collection. We also have a selection of blogs and podcasts so you can read and hear the personal stories of our supporters.


From one of the earliest protective brassards worn by our volunteers, to modern fundraising posters, check out some of the photos and objects we hold in our historical collection.


Our blog features articles written by Red Cross volunteers and staff on a variety of topics related to our work. Read blogs about our history

Recorded interviews

Volunteering for 70 years

Black and white photo of Judy Stokes in nurse's uniform© Info

There’s at least one woman who’s been volunteering with us for half our history. Talk about dedication!

Listen to Judy Stokes share her incredible memories – from war-time nursing to teaching young people first aid.

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Memories of occupation in the Channel Islands

A man in front of a statue commemorating liberation in Jersey© Info

When Germany occupied the Channel Islands during the Second World War, islanders found their lines of communication almost completely severed from relatives in the UK. Totally cut off from food supplies, they were hugely dependent on the Red Cross for much-needed relief and comfort items.

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The story of our founding

Read a historical factsheet with loads of information about how we were founded.

The future

Our vision is a world where everybody gets the help they need in a crisis. Our work depends on people like you continuing to donate, volunteer, and use our services. Find out how you can get involved with us.

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