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Resources on Red Cross auxiliary hospitals

The resources below are available to consult in our historical reference library and may also be available through local libraries. 

These contain lists of all auxiliary home hospitals in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, under the joint war committee during the First World War and the joint war organisation during the Second World War.

During the First and Second World Wars, the British Red Cross provided auxiliary hospitals for wounded servicemen. 

The hospitals were stepping stones between general hospitals and patients' return home. The British Red Cross did not keep hospital or patient records centrally after either war. Researchers may find it useful to contact local record offices for this information.

Useful records

“Reports of the joint war committee and the joint war finance committee of the British Red Cross Society and the order of St John of Jerusalem in England on voluntary aid rendered to the sick and wounded at home and abroad and to British prisoners of war, 1914 -1919”. Published by HMSO, 1921.

“Red Cross and St John: the official record of the humanitarian services of the war organisation of the British Red Cross Society and Order of St John of Jerusalem”, compiled by PG Cambray and GGB Briggs. Published 1949.

Other resources

The Hospital Records (HOSPREC) database contains information on the existence and location of the records of hospitals in the UK. Limited information about individual hospitals is held in our historical library. It’s also worth contacting us to see if we hold any information in our extensive archives collection.

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