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Questions about our medal and badge collection

What do you have in the collection?

We have a substantial collection of medals and badges awarded to members of the British Red Cross. You can see photos and more information about specific medals and badges in our collection.

What records do you hold about recipients?

The only lists that survive are for the British Red Cross war medal in three volumes, which lists recipients alphabetically. These are stored with the personnel indexes and an incomplete card index listing some official awards issued during the First World War.

We also hold a partial list of recipients of the voluntary medical services medal from 1920-1969.

Can you search for information about award recipients?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to identify badge recipients from the badge number which was engraved on the reverse of the badge. Badge rolls have not survived for any of the following:

What information do you have about awards for people who worked overseas?

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) awarded people with the Florence Nightingale medal. You can find more information about the medal on the ICRC's website.

The royal red cross was not issued by the British Red Cross so we do not have any information about recipients unless they were a Red Cross volunteer. Announcements were reported in the London Gazette, and The National Archives maintain a roll of those awarded the royal red cross among its War Office collection (WO 145).

Can you replace lost medals or badges?

No, unfortunately we can't.

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