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Religious neutrality

Boy next to car with Red Cross emblem reflected in mirror© Info The Red Cross Movement is not a political or religious organisation. This neutrality means that we can reach and offer unconditional help to people in need whoever and wherever they are. 

Often we work in countries where other organisations cannot or will not work. We cross front-lines in times of war to help conflict victims and visit prisoners of war on both sides. We can only do this life-saving work if we are understood to be a completely neutral, independent organisation. Put simply, our neutrality saves lives. 

We can’t let down people in need by compromising our neutrality. That is why we do not align ourselves with any particular political cause or religious creed anywhere in the world. 

And that is why we do not generally sell or display religious items, of any faith, in our shops. As an organisation, the Red Cross cannot be seen to be religious or political because to do so might jeopardise the access we have to people in need.

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