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Sales of assets

Some estates will include property, stocks and shares, or antiques or works of art that need to be sold to pay fees, taxes and to distribute the estate.

We would greatly appreciate being kept informed of the progress of these sales. Where the British Red Cross is a residuary beneficiary, it is helpful if you can keep us informed at each stage when you sell property or shares.


In order to ensure that the British Red Cross receives the full market value of any property that has been left, we advise that you obtain probate valuations from at least two estate agents.

Read more in our property PDF

Stocks and shares

Before selling stocks and shares, executors will obtain a share valuation portfolio. It is important to provide us with a copy of the portfolio as we may be able to advise on how best we and other beneficiaries can maximise the benefit from the sale.

If stocks or shares are left to the British Red Cross, or form part of a residuary estate, it is always our policy to receive the benefit wholly in cash. For extensive share portfolios, it may be appropriate for us to seek advice on the best way to proceed, so we would be grateful to see the share portfolio before any sale.

House contents and personal belongings (chattels)

If the will doesn’t have specific instructions for dealing with personal belongings, you may consider donating them to one of more than 300 British Red Cross charity shops across the country.

The executor should get an auctioneers’ valuation for items of possibly significant value. We are happy to help if you need advice on instructing auctioneers.

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For more information

If British Red Cross is a beneficiary under an estate, and you require more information, please contact the legacy administration team.

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