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About the Tiffany Circle

The Tiffany Circle is a network of women who want to make a major, lasting difference to the lives of people in need around the world. 

The first Tiffany Circle was introduced by the American Red Cross in 2007. It has now become an international movement recognising philanthropic women committed to the mission and goals of the Red Cross Societies. 

Tiffany Circles have now formed in the UK, Canada, France and Australia.

The British Red Cross Tiffany Circle

In the UK, Tiffany Circle members have already raised over £670,000 to ensure the British Red Cross can be there for those who need them the most. Whether helping women in crisis in the UK, communities severely affected by HIV in South Africa or supporting children affected by war in Sierra Leone, Tiffany Circle members are changing lives.  

By investing £5,000 annually in the life-saving work of the British Red Cross, members of the Tiffany Circle follow in the footsteps of a long line of women who have helped our work.

Special opportunity: 

A Lifetime membership is available during 2014 which offers special benefits and privileges to members who take up this time-limited opportunity.

Unique events

From gala evenings to visits to key Red Cross services, Tiffany Circle members attend exciting and unique events throughout the year at private venues and glamorous locations.


Tiffany Circle members play a significant role in helping the Red Cross continue its work in the UK and around the world. They visit key Red Cross services and receive behind-the-scenes information on the impact of their support.

International networking

Two women on stage at a US Tiffany Circle event© Info

The Tiffany Circle gives its members the opportunity to network and socialise with other philanthropists. They are also invited to international Tiffany Circle events in the USA and other locations as the network expands around the world – for example the annual national summit in Washington, DC.


The Tiffany Circle is led by its members. They meet throughout the year to socialise, network and determine the goals of the circle. Members have a say where the money raised by the Circle goes, and use their individual skills and expertise to help the Red Cross’ work.

How to join

To find out more about joining the Tiffany Circle, call 020 7877 7106 or email