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History of the Tiffany Circle

Building on Success

Bonnie McElveen-Hunter and Melanie R. Sabelhaus of the US Tiffany Circle© Info

The Tiffany Circle was introduced by the American Red Cross in 2007.  It has become an international movement and circles have now formed in the UK, Canada, France and Australia. There are currently plans to introduce circles in up to seven other countries.

Prominent women already involved in the Tiffany Circle include: Mrs Laureen Harper (wife of Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper) and Amy Grant (Grammy-award-winning American singer).

Follow in the footsteps of some amazing women

Four Red Cross nurses carry a man on a stretcher© Info

Tiffany Circle members join a long line of women who have played a key role in the British Red Cross since we were founded in 1870.

A Ladies' Committee was set up alongside the organisation with Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, as chairman. Florence Nightingale was a member of the committee and Queen Victoria was appointed as our patron. These were the first in a long line of women who have made an invaluable contribution to the Red Cross.

Under the guidance of Florence Nightingale, many Red Cross nurses were sent to help casualties of war. British women today continue to demonstrate dedication and courage in saving lives and strengthening communities. Many travel far to help in the aftermath of disasters. Others volunteer to battle through snow or floods to help those affected by severe weather in the UK.

Why the Tiffany Circle?

Tiffany windows at American Red CrossThe Tiffany Circle is named after the beautiful windows, produced by Tiffany Studios in 1917, in the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington DC. The women in these windows personify virtues synonymous with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: hope, mercy, charity, truth and fortitude.

How to join

To join the Tiffany Circle, please contact us on 020 7877 7106 or