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To date, Tiffany Circle has raised over £1,250,000 for the British Red Cross. Through this fantastic achievement, Tiffany Circle members have supported projects in the UK and around the world to help people out of crisis and move towards healthier, happier futures.

Tiffany Circle members have a say in how their gifts are used. They are able to direct their support to the projects closest to their hearts. Some of the projects they have made an impact on are below.

Mother and son© Info

UK | Being there for women in crisis

Tiffany Circle members have helped the British Red Cross run a new support service for extremely vulnerable female asylum seekers and refugees in the North East of England.

Mother, daughter and baby in Mongolia© Info

Mongolia | Providing warmer winters

Members’ help has focused on providing traditional shelter to families in remote areas, which has given them a home and enabled them to survive the harsh winter months. 

Girl sitting at a sowing machine, Sierra Leone© Info

Sierra Leone | Transforming young lives

Members' generosity has helped the Red Cross support young people affected by the brutal civil war, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to gain independence, earn a living and become accepted once again by their communities.

Happy children drinking water from a tap, Bangladesh© Info

Bangladesh | Giving a clean

In Bangladesh, Tiffany Circle members will help poor, rural communities understand the importance of good hygiene practices and ensure they have access to clean water points and latrines that can withstand flooding.

Child and mother, South Africa© Info

South Africa | Brighter Futures

Tiffany Circle members have helped to transform the lives of the most vulnerable people and communities affected by HIV and TB.

They have also supported women and children affected by gender-based violence.

Child drinking from a cup, Kenya© Info

Kenya | Giving a clean start

Through the Clean Start Appeal, members have helped us provide life-changing clean water and improved sanitation.

In Kenya, local volunteers share vital health messages on how to prevent illness, and offer training on constructing, maintaining and managing water sources.

General Funding

Members have also funded the breadth of Red Cross work by supporting the organisation with vital general funds. This gives the Red Cross the flexibility to always be ready to respond, wherever the need is greatest.

More information

If you’d like any more information about these programmes or how Tiffany Circle members are able to direct their support, please get in touch:



It’s incredible that from nothing, so many women are now engaged in the philanthropic work of the Tiffany Circle and are helping vulnerable women and children all over the world. I am so proud to be a member!