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Make a major donation to the British Red Cross – and help some of our projects around the world and in the UK.

Around the world

Emergency response

When a disaster strikes, we’re among the first on the scene to assess the situation and help people in need. From earthquakes and tsunamis to conflicts and food shortages, our expert teams will provide lifesaving aid within hours. Your gift will ensure we are always ready when a disaster strikes. More info

Preparing for disasters

For every £1 spent on preparing for disasters, £4 is saved from the cost of response. We give people the skills and knowledge to know what to do in an emergency, preventing the potential loss of life and livelihoods. Your gift will help fund early warning systems, storage for essential provisions, and first aid training. More info

Recovering from disasters

Long after the media attention goes, we stay to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives. We focus on long-term sustainable recovery, using your donation to fund everything from improved living conditions and access to clean water, to rebuilding lost livelihoods. More info

Health and social care

A lack of health care is one of the leading causes of low life-expectancy and high infant and maternal mortality. We provide vulnerable people with access to medical treatment, as well as support and training in how to prevent the spread of disease. By supporting these simple and sustainable projects, you will help save the lives of thousands of people. More info

Food and livelihoods

Food insecurity and malnutrition are two of the greatest threats to health. Your support will help us create sustainable farming and food storage solutions, protecting the world’s poorest communities and families from these increasing threats. More info

Water and hygiene

A child dies every 20 seconds because of dirty water and poor sanitation. To get out of extreme poverty and live a fuller and longer life, the world’s poorest communities need access to clean water and basic hygiene facilities. You can give these people the most basic of human needs: water pumps, latrines, and hygiene training. More info

Coping with conflict

The emotional scars and mental impact of war are very tough to overcome. People have often spent years exposed to constant violence and fear. Your support helps us to support men, women, and children affected by conflict, and heal rifts within communities – offering hope to survivors of war. More info

Strengthening our Movement

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies can better support their communities and become more independent if we share expertise. Having a strong local Society is the most sustainable way of addressing poverty, health and emergencies. Your support will help local Societies around the world build their capacity and reach more people in need. More info

In the UK

Emergency response

Every year we help thousands of people in the UK cope with a disaster. We deal with everything from floods and heavy snow to house fires and major incidents. You can help us be there for people: whether that is a bed for the night and a change of clothes, or a cup of tea and a shoulder to cry on. More info

First aid education

Those few minutes after an accident, before the emergency services arrive, can mean the difference between life and death. We train 370,000 people a year in first aid, but want everyone to have this skill. You can help us educate vulnerable people, such as homeless people and victims of domestic abuse. More info

Helping people live independently

Staying independent is often what is most important to people after an illness or hospital stay. We provide care in the home, transport, medical equipment and mobility aids to get people back on their feet. You can help us restore people’s dignity and quality of life, as well as reduce the pressure on hospitals. More info

Refugee support

Many vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers arrive in an unfamiliar country and do not know where to turn first for help. We provide advice on accessing services, gaining emotional support, and reuniting with lost family members. You can help someone recover from past trauma and settle into their new life. More info

Humanitarian education

Young people are the humanitarians of the future. Your support can allow young people to understand the challenging nature of conflict, how to cope with a crisis, and shape the world they live in. Your support will provide speakers and education materials for schools, to introduce these concepts to young people in the classroom. More info

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