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Red Cross Week 2016

Donate now to help those in desperate need in the UK and around the world.

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Your support will make a real difference to those in desparate need of our help.

Can you remember when you first heard about the Red Cross? If it’s hard to pinpoint, it may be because we have been around for over 150 years, refusing to ignore people in crisis.

Our ability to reach people in crisis is largely thanks to the unfailing humanity of our dedicated volunteers, and this was never truer than during the First and Second World Wars. In an incredible humanitarian effort, thousands joined our Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) and worked in dangerous conditions as nurses, ambulance drivers and welfare officers, both here at home and on the front line overseas. We proudly remember the volunteers who have dedicated themselves to helping others, from the First and Second World Wars to today.

From supporting those caught up in the violence in Syria, Iraq or Yemen, to providing shelter to a family whose home has been flooded in the UK, the Red Cross is there saving lives and bringing comfort to those in desperate need.

Without your support we would not be able to help thousands of people across the world each day, and it is because of supporters like you that we can continue to be there, wherever and whenever we are needed.

How your donation could help.

  • Donate £18

    £18 could buy two ‘Parcels of Hope’ containing food, milk and other essentials to support people returning home from hospital in the UK

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  • Donate £25

    £25 could build a toilet for a family in Bangladesh, helping to prevent the spread of diseases and keep them healthy.

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  • Donate £50

    £50 could buy 150 foil blankets for use by evacuees and survivors of an emergency like a flood in the UK.

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  • Donate £150

    £150 could train 53 volunteers in life-saving first aid skills in hard to reach communities of rural Mongolia.

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Questions about our costs

Answers to questions about our fundraising costs.

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How we will spend your donation

Wondering where your money will go? We can tell you.

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