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British Red Cross Fundraisers

Why we fundraise

At the British Red Cross, we love to talk to people about our work, and being able to do so helps us raise awareness and support. Learn more about why we fundraise.

British Red Cross telephone fundraiser

What fundraising do we do?

Every week, we communicate with thousands of people about our work. This can happen through face-to-face conversations, over the phone, or through direct mail. Find out more about the different ways we fundraise.

Woman walking down the street towards a British Red Cross fundraiser

How do I know if a fundraiser is genuine?

All the information you need to verify that someone is a legitimate member of one of our fundraising team can be found here.

British Red Cross fundraiser

Where our fundraisers are working

Check our regularly updated location listings to find out if Red Cross fundraisers are working in your area.

Meet our fundraisers

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work of our fundraising teams. Here are some of their stories.

Mark Quinn
‘Why I love street fundraising’

In House Regional Face-to-Face Fundraising Manager, Mark Quinn, on his experiences as a British Red Cross fundraiser.

Kevin Sheehan
‘This is something very special’

Read about the experiences of Kevin Sheehan, one of our door-to-door fundraisers, in London.
Meghan O'Neill‚ÄčInspirational moments in Glasgow – Meghan shares her story

Meghan O’Neill has been fundraising for the British Red Cross since 2011. Hear about some of her experiences.


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A Filipino boy carries his water jug that he received the Red Cross in Tacloban.

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