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Meet our fundraisers

Our fundraising team is at the heart of everything we do. They are responsible for raising incredible amounts of support. In 2014, they helped us raise over £51.1million for people in crisis.

Read the stories below to meet some of the team.

Kevin’s story

Kevin Sheehan© Info

“I feel so proud to be part of an organisation that has been going for over 150 years. This is something very special.”

Kevin Sheehan has been fundraising with the In House door-to-door team since February 2015. Five days a week, Kevin takes a team of fundraisers to an area in or around London and knocks on hundreds of doors, hoping to inspire the people behind them to give a long-term contribution to the British Red Cross. Here, he explains why.

“As a fundraiser for the British Red Cross, I’m always humbled by the people we meet and the people we’ve helped in so many ways. Read more.

“One memory in particular stands out.

“I was fundraising in London when I knocked on a woman’s door; she opened it very cautiously since she didn’t know who was on the other side. When she opened the door I introduced myself and told her where I was from. Slowly, she opened the door a bit wider. As I explained to her why we were in her area, I could see tears welling up in her eyes. I asked her if she was alright, and she began telling me her story.

“She told me that she lived in Sierra Leone as a young girl, and that when she was fourteen she was shot in the back and paralysed. The Red Cross flew her to the UK, where she received medical care and rehabilitation treatment.

“The woman, now residing in the UK with two daughters of her own, told me that she was one of the lucky ones. She was so grateful for the help she received from the British Red Cross. She told me that she often tells her children how lucky she is to be here today, and how life is very precious.”

Stories like this are not uncommon. Working in such a large city, Kevin and his team regularly encounter people whose lives have been touched by our work. Kevin explains:

“With the help of millions of volunteers around the globe, and thousands here in the UK, we can do so much together. Remember, you’re a little cog in a big wheel, and our fundraising across the UK can make a massive difference in people’s lives, whoever or wherever they are.”

Meghan's story

“Fundraising is the hardest job you’ll ever love.”Meghan O'Neill

Meghan O’Neill has been fundraising for over five years, and has been with the British Red Cross since 2011, as a street fundraiser in Glasgow. She is now the deputy manager of the street fundraising division in that area. In her time with the British Red Cross, she has inspired countless supporters to give on the streets of Glasgow. Here, she shares some of her experiences. Read more.

“During a fundraising shift on the street, I met a man, who was originally from Romania, and had been adopted in the UK. His adoptive father had been a volunteer at the Romanian orphanage he was placed in. He fell in love with the young boy straight away and immediately tried to adopt him. However, being a single parent, he had to battle courts for ten years to be able to do so. That young boy grew into the man I met on the street; he is now married, with children, and working as a nurse in the UK. He kindly pledged to make a long-term regular donation to the British Red Cross. While I was thanking him for his contribution, he said to me: ‘someone spent ten years of their life fighting so I can have a better one, so if all I have to do is give £2 a week to do that for someone else, well, that’s easy’.

“I find fundraising so incredibly rewarding. It’s not often you have a job you look forward to going to. After I sign people up on the street, when I’m thanking them, I tell them, ‘for someone, somewhere in the world, you are their happy ending’. I feel that way about my fundraising as well, because I’ve been a voice of change for someone else.”


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