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Vanessa's story: a £1,000 donation

Vanessa Gonsalez© InfoDoor-to-door fundraiser Vanessa Gonsalez struck it lucky when a donor made an instant donation of £1,000 in August.

Vanessa recalls: “The donor, from London, had said he was already supporting other charities on a monthly basis and he didn’t really want to commit to another. I reassured him his support would make a massive difference to people the British Red Cross helps and that he could choose the annual donation option instead if it was more suitable.”

Surprise gesture

The man then asked if he could donate £1,000 in one go. Vanessa, who has been working for the Red Cross for four months, was really surprised and thanked him very much for his support.

Vanessa said “The door-to-door fundraising campaign was a great opportunity to learn more about the charity and its humanitarian work and to talk to different types of people. When something amazing like this happens you feel you have achieved your goals in a massive way.”

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