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Javaad's story: happy talking in Hackney

Javaad Malik raises money for the British Red Cross© InfoJavaad Malik is an actor who works at a call-centre in Hackney, raising money for the Red Cross in his spare time. He talks to about 30 people during a four-hour shift and uses his in-depth knowledge of the Red Cross to encourage the potential donors to become regular givers.

Out of the 30, four or five people pledge to give around £85 to the British Red Cross over the course of the year.

Javaad works alongside about 60 people who all raise money for various charities including the British Red Cross. During a recent telephone campaign, 2,200 new regular givers signed up to become supporters, which will raise £635,000 for the organisation over a four-year period.


Javaad said: “I’m very passionate about the Red Cross and I enjoy conversation so it’s a perfect job for me. Talking to people over the phone feels less intrusive than street fundraising but even so, I think there’s an audience for all types of fundraising. Different people respond to different things so using a number of approaches means that we can reach a lot of people.”

As a result of the highly successful campaign to recruit new supporters, the British Red Cross recently won ‘best telephone campaign’ at the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) awards – chosen from hundreds of entries by a panel of fundraising experts.


Liz Williams, head of direct marketing, said: “We are delighted with our telephone campaign and so pleased to receive the IoF award. We will continue to use the telephone to recruit new donors who we hope will support the British Red Cross for many years to come.”

The call-centre staff not only help raise money for the Red Cross but their hours of talking raise the profile of the Red Cross more and more every day.

Javaad explained: “Just giving people a call and telling them about what the Red Cross does here in the UK and overseas can only have a positive impact. Even if someone decides not to sign up then and there, at least I’ve planted the seed and they may decide to donate in the future or even sign up to volunteer.”


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