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In 2013, we teamed up with computer game developer Electronic Arts (EA) to offer gamers the chance to help people affected by disasters in the virtual world. SimCity™ sees players create and develop a virtual city. When a natural disaster occurs during gameplay, players with the new download are able to call upon additional assistance from the Red Cross.

Available for £7.99, the download includes a Red Cross relief centre and two vehicles that will travel around the player’s city in response to natural disasters. When an earthquake strikes or a tornado touches down, Red Cross tents will appear in various locations across the city providing care for inhabitants.

EA donates a minimum of 80 per cent of the proceeds from every sale of the new download to the Red Cross. 

“This creative partnership with SimCity will help us reach a new audience and raise awareness of the work of the Red Cross during real world disasters,” said Mark Astarita, director of fundraising at the British Red Cross.

Patrick Buechner, general manager of video game developer Maxis Emeryville, a subsidiary of EA, said: “The content we created alongside the Red Cross not only gives aid to the Sims within our players’ cities, it also enables players to help real people who have suffered from disasters in the real world.”

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