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Support our Disaster Fund

When a disaster strikes, we must be ready to act within hours not days.

To make sure this is possible, we created the Disaster Fund so that money can be made available immediately to those affected by an emergency. We ask companies to donate before disaster occur, so that no one need wait any longer than necessary for assistance.

Over the past 12 months, the Disaster Fund has allowed us to respond to numerous disasters including the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, drought in Zimbabwe and flooding in the UK.

How your support will help

The Disaster Fund allows us to:

  • Respond rapidly to disasters, save lives and help thousands of people in crisis
  • Reduce the impact of disasters by preparing vulnerable communities 
  • Respond to ‘silent emergencies’ that do not make headlines but are equally devastating for those affected 
  • Help affected communities recover, not just in the short time but for as long as it takes.

By supporting the Disaster Fund, your company can show that it’s committed to assisting humanitarian needs. Your support will enable us to respond when a disaster happens, immediately and effectively – anywhere in the world.

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