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Questions about the event

Questions about the fundraising

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Questions about the event


When is the Paris Marathon?

Sunday 6 April 2014


What is the course like?

Starting on the Champs Elysees, you will run past the Louvre by the banks of the River Seine and Notre Dame. After passing the Eiffel Tower you will the finish at the Arc de Triomphe on the stunning Avenue Foch.


How fit do I have to be to be able to complete the challenge?

Please be aware that this event is physically strenuous and will need a certain amount of training and preparation. It is strongly recommended that you seek medical guidance from your GP as to your suitability for the event, and the likely training and preparation you’ll need to do for it. The British Red Cross cannot be held responsible for any injury or illness incurred during your preparation and/or participation in the event.

Questions about the fundraising


Is there a minimum each person needs to raise to take part?

£650 for the British Red Cross. 75 per cent to be sent in no later than two weeks prior to, and the remaining 25 per cent four weeks after the event.  (Please note the sponsorship target does not include Gift Aid).


Can our sponsorship money go towards a specific British Red Cross project?

Unfortunately not. All money raised from the event will go towards the general funds of the British Red Cross.


If we are accepted onto the challenge, can we split our sponsorship money we raise with another charity?

No. The event is organised in aid of the British Red Cross so participants can’t use it to raise money for other charities.


What if I can’t reach my fundraising target?

Please contact the National Events Team (details below) who’ll offer you extra ideas and advice.


Other questions


What support will I receive from the Red Cross?

As a Red Cross runner you will receive:

  • online training guides
  • a comprehensive fundraising pack
  • nutrition and injury prevention advice
  • a Red Cross running vest or t-shirt
  • accommodation and travel advice
  • contact with a local Red Cross fundraiser for advice and support.

Will transport and accommodation be arranged by the Red Cross?

You must arrange accommodation and flights but we will provide useful links to help you find the best deals.


Will there be Red Cross members at the Marathon?

No. Unfortunately there will be no Red Cross members out to Paris. This is to reduce costs and to make sure as much money goes to charity as possible.


What happens if I find I can no longer take part?

Please let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we’re unable to refund your registration fee but may be able to defer your place to the following year or to another event. You’ll need to make sure all your sponsors are aware that you’re no longer taking part.


Who do I contact if I have any other issues?

National Events Team
Tel: 0344 412 2877

British Red Cross, 44 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AL

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