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Judging criteria

Dance: Make Your Move is for dancers of all abilities. We recognise the effort that goes into every performance and reward each group with a commendation award for the most noteworthy element of their dance. An overall junior and senior winner is also chosen at each event.

The judging panel, which will include dance experts and members of the Red Cross, will use the following criteria to mark the dances:

  • Concept (scored out of 10)
  • Choreography (scored out of 10)
  • Costume (scored out of 5)
  • Entertainment (scored out of 5).

All judges decisions are final. Ties will be settled by the higher concept score.



All dances should demonstrate a Red Cross theme within their dance. Judges will look at how original and creative groups have been at incorporating this theme within the dance.



How well the routine was choreographed, including structure and range of movement used.

Note: judges are aware that the event is open to all levels of performance. Routines must be between three and eight minutes long. Any routine exceeding this will be penalised.



How creative the clothing, hair and makeup were and how well they were used to enhance the theme of the dance.

Note: if you intend to use props, a list must be submitted to your local Dance: Make Your Move co-ordinator at least one month before the event or we cannot guarantee they can be used at the event. All props must be fireproofed and the use of any replica weapon must be cleared by your Dance: Make Your Move co-ordinator. Props must also be small enough to be stored in the changing room.



How entertaining the routine was, including music and audience participation.

Note: as this event involves children of all ages, music must not contain any offensive language or overtly sexual references.


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