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Make Your Own Move FAQs

How it works

How it works

Who can take part?

Anyone can request a free Dance Make Your Own Move packs as long as they love to dance! Primary, secondary and special schools, colleges, youth groups and disabled groups are all welcome to take part.

When and where?

Make Your Own Move events can take place whenever and wherever is convenient for you. From your school gym to the local theatre you can make your moves count for people in crisis just about anywhere.


How do I get my Make Your Own Move pack?

Fill out the registration form online or e-mail to request an offline registration form.

What about the fundraising?

We ask all groups to raise as much as they can for the Red Cross, which will help save and change lives in the UK and overseas. There are awards for all fundraising achievements over £100.

Will you help me?

You will have a dedicated Dance: Make Your Move co-ordinator who will be happy to help with ideas, inspiration and support you every step of the way with planning your event.


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