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Dragons Glen

Twenty years ago this was a steeply sloping
old smallholding with overgrown holly trees
surrounding the plot. In places the sandy soil was only 10 centimetres (4 inches) deep over sandstone rocks, so it wasn’t a garden for the fainthearted. Today the garden couldn’t be more different. We removed approximately 40 lorry loads of soil to build the house and reconfi gure the slope. By excavating a large area close to the back of the property, we have created a wonderful, useable space to sit and enjoy the garden all year round. The other advantage of this excavation is that when it rains, water drains towards this area, giving it a cooler, lusher feel than the rest of the plot and allowing
us to grow moisture-loving plants such as astrantias.
The first thing that visitors often remark on is the
waterfall, which gives a real ‘wow’ factor to the garden.
It is also a clever way of dealing with the really steep drop that was made when the level area by the house was created.
Teas will be served on the terrace, where visitors can enjoy views of the beautiful garden.

Garden details

Date:11 Jun 2017

Opening times:


Entrance fees:

Adults: £4.00

Children: £0.00

Address:Dragons Glen, 17 Great Lane, Clophill, MK45 4BQ


Great Lane is situated approximately halfway along the Clophill high street almost opposite the Village Primary School. The house is approx. 500m up the lane on the Left. There is limited parking on site so please follow the car parking signs on the day you visit.

Garden owner:Kate and Andy Gardner

Contact:Sandra Lucy

Telephone:07834 005762

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Location Name: 52.032685, -0.413842. Zoom: 16
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    GEO: 52.032685, -0.413842
    Dragons Glen
    Dry woodland garden, herbaceous borders, waterfall and wildlife pond create distinct spaces that are linked together by the oriental influences that run throughout the garden.
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