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17 Mill St

This long, stylish garden has been inspired by an artist and an engineer. Loosely divided into three areas the colour scheme is muted and calm. A diverse collection of hostas, showing different leaf forms and colours, stand under two lollipops of dark privet. Wide Portland stone steps rise from the house between low walls topped with slate, past dark glazed pots contrasting with the silvery-blue foliage of conifers. Huge boulders are effectively placed and pots of clipped box balls mark an entrance. Specially designed rusting trellis both divides the garden and is used on the perimeter walls, clothed in a variety of climbers. In front of an oak studio with sedum roof the colour changes to yellow and white, and a large, dark grey shale stone holds glinting water.

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Date:16 Jul 2017

Opening times:


Entrance fees:

Adults: £6.50

Children: £0.00

Address:17 Mill Street, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1BE

Garden owner:Frances Carlile and Alan Oldham

Contact:Caroline Savage

Telephone:07738 340581

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Location Name: 52.36575, -2.720269. Zoom: 16
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    GEO: 52.36575, -2.720269
    17 Mill St
    Created by an artist and an engineer, this long, stylish garden has been designed with a formal structure and is intensely planted.
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