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52 Lower Broad St

Saved from a wilderness in 2010 this garden has been designed in the classic style. From an oak and glass garden room a central path leads down the length of the garden to a statue in front of a dry stone wall. Walking down the path is an adventure of discovery of the different enclosures and beds on either side, eachwith its own ‘feel’ and colour scheme. Rosa ‘Purple Skyliner,’ clothes an arch, the beds beneath reflecting the colour. Box topiary marks four corners of a central square. A mature cherry is a shower of pink and white in the spring. Painted trellis is cleverly used to hide unwanted objects. The owners have laid all the cobbles and built the dry stone walling.

Garden details

Date:16 Jul 2017

Opening times:


Entrance fees:

Adults: £6.50

Children: £0.00

Address:52, Lower Broad St, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1PH

Garden owner:Ruth and Neil Taylor

Contact:Caroline Savage

Telephone:07738 340581

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Location Name: 52.364632, -2.717827. Zoom: 16

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  • No dogs allowed