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9 Mill St

This garden, entered up steps from the side, has a sense of serenity and space. A terrace and conservatory look out onto a smooth, green lawn. A large bed above a low stone wall is planted for a long season of colour with roses, shrubs and perennials. A metal stag stands guard beneath pleached limes. Interest and surprise are achieved by a hidden small terrace at the end of the garden with an ornate water feature. This leads to a secluded gravel path behind the raised bed and beneath a canopy of roses. Yet another raised terrace is to be found up steps on the other side of the garden with benches and pots in the sun and a small vegetable garden to the side.

Garden details

Date:16 Jul 2017

Opening times:


Entrance fees:

Adults: £6.50

Children: £0.00

Address:9, Mill St, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1AZ

Garden owner:Mr Tony and Mrs Linda Mahalski

Contact:Caroline Savage

Telephone:07738 340581

Map Details: skip

Location Name: 52.366558, -2.720502. Zoom: 16

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  • No dogs allowed