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Nicola Germain begins her abseil© Info“I'm proud of what I raised for the Red Cross, and feel that I've contributed something worthwhile. Thanks for helping me towards conquering my social phobia and my rheumatoid arthritis. I’m so proud of the achievement of hurling myself over that edge. It was an exceptional experience, and the whole sponsorship event was organised in a professional and thoroughly friendly way.”
Nicola Germain, abseil participant.

How can an abseil help?

While you’re lowering yourself down a building, you could be helping construct new ones. £620 could purchase a Ger – a traditional Mongolian shelter – for a homeless Mongolian family.

Abseil fundraising tips

  • Sign up for an abseil on the events section of our website.
  • We will send you a fundraising pack. Start using these resources early to make sure you reach your fundraising target.
  • Set up an online fundraising page.
  • Email your friends, family and work colleagues. Even if you’ve not been in touch with someone for a while, you’ll be amazed who comes up with sponsorship. Be persistent. It might take more than one round of emails before people get round to donating.
  • Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to publicise it more.
  • Use JustTextGiving to let your friends sponsor you by text.
  • Ask your employer is they operate a matched-giving scheme – this could potentially double your money.