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Bucket collection

Marie O’Donnell collects for Red Cross Week© Info“I had great fun collecting during Red Cross Week. As I was dressed up, I attracted a lot of attention. When people realised that I was raising money for the British Red Cross they were very keen to donate – it’s an organisation people instantly recognise and trust. I feel privileged to be able to help.” Marie O’Donnell, collector.

How can a bucket collection help?

Money in the bucket can mean water in the bucket too. £44 could provide tools for a local mechanic to help maintain wells in Afghanistan, where many wells have fallen into disuse or disrepair.

Bucket collection tips

  • We have collections throughout the year. Simply sign up to get started. Your local fundraiser will arrange a collection time, or help you to set up your own collection.
  • Smile. Show those pearly whites and spread good vibes with your brightest, most infectious smile.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Wear your Red Cross t-shirt or uniform or, even better, step it up with a bit of fancy dress.
  • Let people know why you’re there. Make sure your Red Cross bucket label is visible and say a winning line. A simple “Would you like to support the Red Cross?” often works a treat.
  • Make eye contact. You’ve got the smile, the look and the line – make sure you share it by meeting eyes with all those passers-by.
  • Don’t believe the rumours, it’s perfectly legal to shake your bucket. Shake, rattle and roll!
  • Be part of something big – why not join a Red Cross Week bucket collection.