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Cake sale

Woman decides what to buy at a Red Cross cake sale© Info“I’m no marathon runner, and you’d never catch me throwing myself out of a plane, so this fundraiser was perfect for me. It’s quick and easy to organise – if you’re not a natural baker then you can get your friends involved, or there’s always the local supermarket. With prices from 50p to £2 it’s perfect for work, and we raised £100 in just under 20 minutes.”
Ollie Morgan, cake sale organiser.

How can cake sales help?

Eating a large slice of cake could help raise funds to provide vital food aid. Raising just £22 could provide a Mongolian family of four with monthly food parcels for one year.

Cake sales fundraising tips

  • Decide on a suitable date to tempt people with cakes. If you work in an office, payday is always a popular choice.
  • Arrange a time and place. The joy of a bake sale is it can be done almost anywhere – from your desk, in the playground or outside the student union.
  • Register your event and receive our fundraising pack. Use the posters and invitations in the pack to publicise your event. 
  • Send out an email a week before and a reminder on the morning of the sale.
  • You can ask the supermarket to donate ingredients – ask your local fundraiser for a headed letter.
  • Get baking. Between four or five friends you can put on an impressive spread, or if you’re pushed for time you can always buy from a shop.
  • Sell, sell, sell!