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Charity ball

Guests sitting at tables at the Wirral ball© Info“My family was always supporting the Red Cross. When I had the chance to be introduced to the local fundraising team four years ago I quickly became involved in helping them. The Snow Ball is a fantastic event with exclusive entertainment. We are very proud to have so many local companies from Cheshire and Merseyside as sponsors.”
Ina Schmidt, charity ball organiser.

How can a charity ball help?

Water might not be the tipple of choice at a ball, but funds from the event could help people in Sierra Leone access drinking water. £2,650 could make a community’s existing water sources safe and usable again, providing a people with clean drinking water and helping prevent disease.

Charity ball fundraising tips

  • A charity ball requires lots of organisation. Always speak to your local fundraiser when considering putting on an event of this scale.
  • The larger the event, the more work it will be. Forming a fundraising team will help share the workload. It will also give you a bigger pool of people to invite.
  • Pick your theme and research venues, catering and entertainment before deciding your budget. Make sure you ask your local fundraiser to help.
  • Book the venue in advance. Consider the number of guests who will be attending and the locality.
  • Entertainment is recommended. Before booking a band, ask for an internet link so you can listen to their music.
  • Approach local organisations for corporate sponsorship. Even if people don’t give you money, they might supply auction and raffle prizes. It is also worth writing to companies to ask for prizes. Always check with your local fundraiser before approaching companies, as they may already support the British Red Cross.
  • Produce press releases and posters to advertise the event. Work with your local fundraiser to get the event advertised on the Red Cross website.
  • Make sure to keep track of the table plan. Also keep a record of prizes, and remember to send thank you letters to donors.
  • Produce invitation letters and tickets. Send them to guests around four weeks before the event, with a copy of the menu or any other details they will need to know.
  • On the night make sure you have lots of volunteers helping. If you’re having table decorations, make sure you allow time to set them up before the event. Depending on the type of ball, you will probably need volunteers to give out goody bags, compere the evening, run the raffle or auction and put on entertainment.