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Dinner party

Dishes of curry© Info“Pretty much every week a group of friends come over to watch a film and order a curry. For Red Cross Week we spent all day cooking our own delicious curry with all the trimmings – including homemade naan bread. We then asked our friends to donate what they would have spent on a takeaway to the Red Cross.”
Louise Daintry, curry night organiser.

How can a dinner party help?

Home-cooked dishes taste better than takeaway. A curry night can also help people in Sierra Leone who don’t have ready access to food. £60 can help set up farm and work groups and a further £60 could provide agricultural seeds and tools to enable them to provide for themselves and generate an income.

Dinner party fundraising tips

  • Try and get the ingredients cheaply. If you have any loyalty card points or vouchers, use them.
  • If you don’t fancy doing all the cooking yourself, ask everyone to bring a dish.
  • Use a Red Cross poster to make a menu.