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Dress code red

“Dress Code Red gave me a fantastic reason to dress more colourfully at work and wear one of my favourite colours from top to toe – red. Everyone at the office was able to get involved. By wearing just a hint of red, you can bring a bit of glamour and intrigue to your working life – while helping the Red Cross save lives.”

Rebecca Kossoff, Dress Code Red organiser

How can Dress Code Red help? 

Pulling on a scarlet wig or a crimson dress could enable someone overseas to wrap up warm in a Red Cross blanket. £50 could help us keep a fire and emergency support vehicle going for a day, buy a first aid kit for emergency response teams to use in the UK and provide blankets to keep a family in war-ravaged areas warm and dry.

Dress Code Red fundraising tips

  • You might not want to organise the Dress Code Red day all on your own – especially if you work in a big organisation or are planning lots of activities. Forming a fundraising team with colleagues can help share the workload.
  • Promote Dress Code Red within your workplace. Put up posters, send out e-mails, and use social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set up a Virgin Money Giving page and circulate the sponsorship form among colleagues, family and friends.
  • Find out if your employers offer a matched giving scheme – you could instantly double your money.
  • Consider organising additional activities – like a cake sale – to raise funds on the day.
  • Remember to contact your local fundraiser if you need any help or advice.


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