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Five-a-side football

Boys play football© Info"On the day of the football tournament, I realised it had done more than raise money – it had created camaraderie between all the teams, organisers and spectators. Everyone was getting involved in some way and having fun. I feel incredibly proud of myself and everyone who helped organise it for doing something not only worthwhile for charity, but for ourselves."
Jessica McAllister, five-a-side tournament organiser.

How can five-a-side help?

Sport might seem like a bit of fun, but it can make a serious difference. £580 could fund activities such as sports, drama and cultural performances for children affected by war, as part of our child advocacy and rehabilitation programme in Sierra Leone. Together with schooling, recreation helps children who are struggling to overcome their past.

Five-a-side football fundraising tips

  • Know your audience. Make sure that football is popular in your office, school, university or group of friends. If another sport is more popular, consider doing that instead.
  • Create a fundraising team. There is a lot of running about and organising to be done, and it will be easier with more than one person.
  • Decide on the structure of the tournament beforehand, including the format of the tournament and the number of teams.
  • Publicise your event through posters, social media and email. Start promoting at least two weeks before the event, as people will need to get themselves organised into teams.
  • Encourage teams to dress up and come up with comical names – it helps make the event fun and is entertaining for spectators.
  • Try to book at least an hour of extra time on the pitches you are using – it will always take longer then you originally think.
  • Make sure you have plenty of the necessary equipment on the day; whistles, balls, bibs, cones and stopwatches are essential. A megaphone will come in handy when trying to organise a large group of people. Bring extra balls – some are bound to be lost in trees or over fences.
  • Consider giving prizes. It isn’t expensive to get a trophy engraved at your local engravers.