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Sponsored silence

A girl takes part in a sponsored silence© Info“We can’t all climb mountains and swim channels. Sometimes it’s nice to do something at your desk. It was ridiculous in length – it’s unusual for me to not talk for more than five minutes, let alone an hour. This gave my online sponsorship page a personal touch and made people laugh.”
Lindsay Dalton-Hopwood, sponsored silence participant.

How can a sponsored silence help?

Your sponsored silence could help people shout about life-saving health issues. £60 could buy a bike to help a hygiene promoter reach local communities in Zimbabwe.

Sponsored silence fundraising tips

  • If you’re known as a bit of a talker, this could be the fundraiser for you. If you’re a quiet type anyway, choose something else a little out of character to be sponsored for.
  • Decide how long you will be silent for and choose a time when others will be present – you could do it in the office, at school or anywhere else where you’re known as a talker.
  • Set up a Virgin Money Giving page and circulate the sponsorship form among colleagues, family and friends.
  • Use social media to promote your challenge.
  • Press your lips together and fight the urge to talk. Be prepared for others to test you during your silence.