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Sponsored toddle

A father and his two boys smile as they undertake a sponsored toddle© Info“We wanted to do a fun family challenge with our boys – aged one and three – who are always on the move, so we did a sponsored toddle. We walked, skipped, hopped and ran. Motivated by mini-trophies, our eldest completed the full kilometre and our youngest managed half the distance before being carried by mum.”
Richard House, sponsored toddle organiser.

How can a sponsored toddle help?

A mile might seem a long way with young children in tow, but the money you raise could help people who cannot walk due to temporary disability or illness. £200 could pay for a transit wheelchair, which would be loaned to an average of eight people in the UK each year, enabling them to live more independently and remain in their own homes while they recover. 

Sponsored toddle fundraising tips

  • Choose a safe, interesting place like your local park for the toddle. Check the distance online to calculate the start and finish point.
  • Check the weather forecast in advance.
  • Set up a Virgin Money Giving page. Use email and social media to circulate the link to friends and family.
  • Take a sponsorship form round to neighbours and friends.
  • Depending on the age of walkers – and the distance you’re covering – consider taking snacks and drinks.
  • Make the walk more entertaining for children by including clues, or orienteering for older children.