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Ben Fogle and Victoria Pendleton’s Everest Challenge

Ben Fogle and Victoria Pendleton© Info

In May, TV adventurer Ben Fogle and former Olympian cyclist Victoria Pendleton will push themselves to the limit in support of the British Red Cross.

The intrepid pair will be testing their resilience to climb Mount Everest. They are determined to attempt an “ethical climb”, and every aspect of their attempt to summit will be analysed and the impact on the environment recorded.

While in Nepal, Ben and Victoria met Red Cross volunteers and saw for themselves the work the organisation has been doing to support the most vulnerable people of Nepal, and ensure they are prepared if/when another disaster strikes. 

We spoke to Ben about why he has taken on this challenge- he said

“The Red Cross is one of the most iconic images in the world. For me it represents a selfless organisation that has changed and saved the lives of countless people around the globe through safety, compassion, help, reassurance.

I have seen the iconic cross in countless corners of the world.

In 2017, the unthinkable happened when Grenfell tower set ablaze with the loss of so many lives. Living in the shadow of the tower, we watched helplessly as the heroic emergency services battled the inferno.

And suddenly, those Red Cross vehicles were in my neighbourhood. On my street. Not tackling a natural disaster in the Philippines or a humanitarian crisis in Africa but in North Kensington in London."

Ben and Victoria want you to challenge yourself this year too

Why not take on your own mountain challenge here in the UK, peddle in Victoria’s tire tracks by taking on RideLondon, or taking on your own personal challenge.
Ben and Victoria© Info

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How else can you get involved?

Join Ben in doing a first aid course. Ben says:

“I feel strongly that First Aid should be a part of every child’s education and that we the parents should be the front line of the teaching. My wife, Marina and I will be doing a First Aid course a little later this year after which we will be advocating the importance of Basic First Aid for all.”

"I have learnt so much, so quickly about all the amazing work the volunteers do in the UK, and I am really, really looking forward to working alongside you all in the future."

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29 July 2018