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Event first volunteers at a fair© InfoWhen you hold a public event, you need to take precautions to prevent avoidable accidents and ensure things go smoothly. Please contact your local fundraiser who can offer you more advice.

Here are a few things for you to think about.


Do the people helping you to run the event have the right clothes for the conditions, such as rainwear, sun hats, aprons or a high visibility jackets?

Public safety at the venue

Are there places where people might slip or fall? If so, liaise with the venue managers to remove the risk or clearly mark these areas with a warning. Are fire exits clearly marked? Do you have a copy of the hired venue’s health and safety policy and fire evacuation plan?


Do you have somewhere to store cash securely during the event? Have you made plans to transport it from the event to safekeeping? If you are transporting large amounts of cash, ensure you travel with a companion. If you are challenged for the money please do not take any personal risks.

Car parking

Have you ensured that there is a safe route for pedestrians in car parks? Is someone marshalling the cars? If so, ensure they are clearly visible.


If you will be filming or taking photographs at your event, let people know in advance. Please ask permission from a parent or guardian before taking pictures of any children and gain agreement from any adult before taking their picture at the event, if you intend to use it for publicity.

If you intend to share your images with us – so we can use them on our website or in publications – you will need to get each person in your photographs to sign a model release form (pdf).

First aid cover

If first aid cover is needed for your event, please discuss this with your local fundraiser, who can give you advice and it may be possible to arrange cover from your local Red Cross branch. Further information is available on the event first aid page.

Food hygiene

If you plan to sell food at your event, please contact your local fundraiser for food safety guidelines.

For large-scale events please consult your local Red Cross fundraiser, who will advise on any additional procedures.

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