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Online fundraising

Woman at computer© InfoSecure, fast and easy to share with your friends and family, online fundraising pages are really effective.

Firstly, sign up to Virgin Money Giving. Then, once you have your own fundraising page, use it to its full potential.

Personalise your fundraising page

  • Change the name of your page to make it personal – try to include your name and the name of the event.
  • When choosing the web address (URL) for your page it’s best to keep it short and snappy – it’ll be easier to write, say and remember when asking people to sponsor you.
  • When choosing your fundraising target, aiming an extra £100 higher will encourage donations.
  • Tell your story – describe your challenge, what motivated you to take it on, why you’re supporting the Red Cross and how donations will make a difference.
  • Upload photos and videos appealing for sponsorship or showing how you're preparing to fundraise. You can also share videos about our work to help show why you are fundraising for us.

Ask close friends and family to sponsor you first

Close friends and family are most likely to be generous in supporting your fundraising efforts. Ask them for donations first, to help set the trend for sponsorship. Having pledges on your page before you send it to everyone else will encourage further donations.

Keep your fundraising page updated

People often need a follow-up email to persuade them to click through and sponsor you. Add new videos, photos and highlights – having fresh content is a great reason to resend the page link to your contacts. You can also let people know when you reach fundraising milestones.

Share your page on social media

Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to share your story and ask for support from your contacts.

Thank supporters

Remember to thank everyone who donates to your fundraising page. Ask them to forward it on to their contacts, to ‘like’ your Facebook fundraising page and tweet about your fundraising efforts.

Ask again after the event

Around 20 per cent of online donations are received after the event. Update and share your fundraising page to let people know what you did and that there’s still time to sponsor you.


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