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Group of people linking hands© InfoSocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter are brilliant fundraising tools. You can use them to tell your story, explain why you’re supporting the Red Cross, promote events and sponsorship pages, and share photos and videos with friends, family, classmates and colleagues.

You can also use social media to ask people for ideas, equipment or other help with your event. Encourage your friends to promote your fundraiser on their own social media profiles.

Top tips for fundraising with social media

  • Promote your online fundraising page web address and your text to donate code. Ask your contacts to share these with their friends too.
  • If possible, thank people for their support individually through private Facebook messages. You might also want to tweet a general thank you message – it’s best to avoid naming people though, in case you leave someone out.
  • Make the most of the British Red Cross’ website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Retweeting or reposting information about the Red Cross’ work will help give context to your fundraising.
  • Share tips and stories with other Red Cross supporters on either on our main facebook page, or on the British Red Cross’ events Facebook page.

Facebook tips

  • Create a group or page to describe what you’re doing to raise money, and why you’re doing it. Make the page personal, but don’t be afraid to use our news stories and videos to help explain why the Red Cross is a great cause.
  • Make your page attractive and engaging by posting photos and videos. Show your progress, from preparations to the event itself.
  • Use the invitation feature to ask people to attend or support your event.
  • Ask friends to ‘like’ your Facebook page or group, and your online fundraising page. Personalise your online fundraising page thank you message to include a prompt to ‘like’ the page.
  • Use Facebook messaging – it's powerful to write to people individually about your fundraising goal and to ask for support.
  • If you are using JustGiving, use the JustGiving Facebook application to enable your friends to donate without leaving Facebook.

Twitter tips

  • Add a Twitter feed to your Virgin Money Giving page.
  • Use the # symbol – called a hashtag – to mark keywords or topics in your tweets. This will help you organise a conversation about your event.

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